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Elders lyrics


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        When we younger
    There always seemed like some
    Some perfect mold
    That we're supposed to be
    But now we're growing up and
    I see it's just not that way
    Now I feel like someone's lied to me

    Cause I've been true
    Made good for you
    And now I feel used
    I'm asking you
    How does it feel
    How does it feel
    How does it feel
    To be like you

    Tell me now elders
    What were your reasons for
    Making it seem
    Like you were so much more
    If you want to feel good
    Because of our accomplishments
    Why the fuck
    Don't you just do it yourself

    Cause I've tried
    Man I've tried
    While you all lied
    So now just tell me
    How does it feel
    How does it feel
    How does it feel
    To be like you

    Look at all the families now
    Who don't talk and don't trust
    Because of the way
    That things have been done
    When will you finally learn
    To leave out the bullshit
    And just be straight with us
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